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Leonard Shlain’s Lecture Schedule 2007-08
A&P:   Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light.
AVG:   The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image
STP:   Sex, Time and Power: How Women's Sexuality Shaped human Evolution
OGH:   The Big "O," the G-Spot, Homosexuality and Other Mysteries of Human Sexuality
LB:   Leonardo's Brain: The Left/Right Roots of Creativity

Oct 9:   Yale Alumni Club, Marine Memorial Regimental Room 609 Sutter, SF, CA 6PM. open to the public, reservations required. LB
Oct 11:   St. Rose Hospital, 27200 Calaroga, Hayward, CA 6PM. OGH
Oct 19:   Mad River Comm. Hospital, Arcata, CA 7PM. OGH
Oct 20:   Humbolt State University. Green and Gold Room, 1-4PM. open to the public. A&P, AVG, STP
Oct 26:   Alfred Korbyski Memorial Lecture, General Semantics Society, Princeton Club, 15 West 43rd St, NY, NY. 6PM Dinner, 8PM Lecture. or 817-922-9812. Dinner and Lecture $90, Lecture $25. Open to the public. AVG
Oct 31:   History of Science Dept, UMass Campus Center, 4:30PM Boston, MA. open to the public. A&P
Nov 1:   Harvard's MGH Grand Rounds, 8:30AM, Bigalow Amphitheater, White building, open to the public. STP
Nov 3:   OFFF Conference Post Digital Culture, NYC, NY., open to the public. STP
Dec 1:   Bernal Bubbles Soap Box Lectures,, open to the public. A&P
Dec 5:   Pre-Meds UCB. 5PM, 105 North Gate., open to the public.
Mar 7:   MOMA/Society for Art in Healthcare, NYC, NY, invitation only.
Mar 27:   Am. Ass. Medical Colleges, San Diego, CA invitation only
Mar 30:   Science and consciousness Conference, Santa Fe, NM. Keynote 4:30PM,, STP.
Mar 31:   Science and Consciousness Conference, Santa Fe, NM. Workshop 10:30AM,, A&P.
Mar 31:   Extended Learning, University of NM, north Bldg Continuing Education Auditorium, Albuquerque, NM. Reception 5-6:30pm, 7-8:30pm. open to the public. AVG.
Apr 7-11:   Conference on World Affairs, Boulder, CO, open to the public
Apr 16:   Cleft Palate Conference, Philadelphia, PA. Invitation only. AVG.
Jun 7:   Oncure Medical, Colorado Springs, CO. TBA, invitation only. A&P.
Jun 8:   World Science Festival, NYC, NY. TBA.