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Chapter 1. Illusion / Reality
Art and physics are a strange coupling. Of the many human disciplines, could there be two that seem more divergent? The artist employs image and metaphor; the physicist uses number and equation. Art encompasses an imaginative realm of aesthetic qualities; physics exists in a world of crisply circumscribed mathematical relationships between quantifiable properties.  
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Chapter 8. Modern Art / Newton Triumphant
The wintery ice sheet blanketing Western art and thought began to thaw in the middle of the nineteenth century. Where cracks appeared, inflows began to erode the reigning Newtonian mind-set and the tyrannical system of perspective. At the time, these innocent-looking freshets issued forth from so many different quarters that they would not have appeared to an observer to be the beginning of a flash spring flood. Yet they were interconnected in an indiscernible pattern that would eventually profoundly change both art and physics.   
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Chapter 19. Music / Art / Physics
Until now the focus of the book has been the connection between the visual arts and physical theories. However, the changing perceptions of space, time, and light are also evident in music and literature. Because each of these fields could be the subject for entire books, the chapters on these three subjects will touch only those aspects that relate to space, time, and light.  
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